Course Web pages





The pages below are course Web pages for my students at the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University. Even it you are not one of my students, please feel welcome to take a look!


March 2017: LIS1003 Using the Library, BBA short course

March 2017: APR3107 Corporate Communication, BBA short course

March 2017: APR2101 Business Information Communication, BBA

February 2017: INT1005 Computer Systems, BA English evening program

February 2017: INT1004 Computers for Business, BBA

February 2017: MCS4461/BMS4307 Mass Communication Business BA MassComm

January 2017: MCS2272/MJR2204 Introduction to Web Design BA MassComm

January 2017: MCS1450/BMS1301 Introduction to Broadcasting BA MassComm

January 2017: MCS2490/BMS2308 Package Production BA MassComm



December 2016: INB3107 International Business Management BA English evening program

October 2016: MCS1250 Introduction to Journalism BA MassComm

October 2016: LIS1001 Information and Searching on the Internet BA English and MassComm

September 2016: LIS1001 Information and Searching on the Internet BBA


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