Rangsit University

Public university, Bangkok




Rangsit University (Thai: มหาวิทยาลัยรังสิต) has a total enrollment of 14,000 students and offers a wide variety of academic programs ranging from medicine to business administration. Rangsit University International College (RIC) offers English language Bachelor degree programs that meet an international standard of excellence. RIC is designed to finish students with theory and practical instruction needed to excel in the future.






UTK offers international degree programs conducted in English on Bachelor level.

Web Site: https://www2.rsu.ac.th/home

International Marketing, Rangsit University International College 52/347 Muang-Ake, Paholyothin Road, Lak-Hok Patum Thani 12000, Thailand
Phone: +66 2-997-2200 Ext. 3322,
Fax: +66 2-533-9468
Email: inter@rsu.ac.th, ic@rsu.ac.th



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