St. Theresa Inti College

Private college, Bangkok




St Theresa Inti College is a partnership between two of the leading educational institutions in the region, St. Theresa International College, Thailand, and Inti International Group of Colleges, Malaysia. St. Theresa, with over 20 years of its establishment as an International School of Business Administration, has helped thousands of students to brighten their future through quality education. We award dual degrees with TROY University, USA, and with Coventry University, UK. Likewise, we offer a truly international atmosphere. Our lecturers are of different nationalities, and we welcome students from outside Thailand, creating an environment that enhances and widens your experience of various cultures.






St. Theresa Inti offers international degree programs conducted in English on Bachelor and Master level, as well as Thai-English bilingual programs.

Web Site: http://tggs.kmutnb.ac.th/

TGGS at KMUTNB Campus 1518 Pracharaj sai 1 Road (Pibulsongkram Road), Bangsue Bangkok 10800, Thailand
Tel.: +662-585 8541-9, +662-913 2500-24, -2906
Fax: +662-913 5805
Email: tggs@tggs-bangkok.org



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