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Experience reports from foreign students at Thai universities




While still sitting at home, most foreign students try to prepare more or less intensively the time they'll spend in Thailand. Some read books about Thailand, others more rely on the Internet with its discussion forums and blogs. It's difficult, however, to find a source with a similar background to one's own background. On this page, we collect impressions, opinions, and conclusions of foreign students at Thai universities. Some are very personal, some are more targetting the universities and programs.

Who can best tell you how it is to study in a foreign culture? Certainly, it's those who did it. If you studied at a Thai university (and if it's only for one semester), please tell us about your experiences as well. It may well help a lot of people in preparing for a 'once in a lifetime' experience.





Studying in Thailand - an Austrian perspectice

A 22-year old senior student from Austria about how studying in Thailand may change you.





An Australian student in his late thirties writes about personal changes and his experiences as a mature student studying for a Bachelor degree at a Thai university.



USA flag


A western student in Thailand

Experiences of a U.S. student who chose a degree program in Thailand instead of studying in the States.


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