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Where can I study English?




Many future students search the Web for the best or top Bachelor degree program. What ever program-university combination you choose, however, you should not rely on traditional patterns of getting a job, nor should it be based on what previous generations say about a particular university. The highest goal of any student is employability - the good chance to get a good entry-level job in the chosen field. Check your programs and universities for these chances before you make a choice.

Universities adjust their programs on a permanent basis to changing demands and new developments. Therefore, the list below changes accordingly to remain as accurate as possible. Visiting it again after a while keeps you up to date.

To apply for a particular program, please contact the university directly. Procedures and requirements differ slightly and are subject to change. We can provide you with a certified translation of your transcripts in English or Thai. Both languages are accepted at Thai universities, but we recommend translation into English - you can later use the certified copy for other purposes outside Thailand.

Next, you find a map showing where in Thailand you can study the English language on degree level. Various specializations are offered, from English for business communication to teaching English as a foreign or second language.






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Bachelor Degrees in English at Thai universities (as of April 2017)
University Bachelor degree specialization
Asia-Pacific International University TESOL, English for Communication, English for Business
Assumption University Business English
Bangkok University Business English
Christian University of Thailand Business English
Dhurakij Pundit University English for Business Communication
Hat Yai University English Education
Payap University English Communication
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Business English
St. Theresa Inti College English
English for Business Communication
Stamford International University English
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Business English


Master degrees in English at Thai universities (as of October 2016)
University Master degree specialization
Assumption University English Language Teaching
Christian University of Thailand Teaching English as a second Language
Mae Fah Luang University English for Professional Development
Payap University TESOL
Shinawatra University Teaching English as international Language
Thammasat University English Language Studies


Doctoral Degrees in English at Thai universities (as of April 2017)
University Doctoral degree specialization
Assumption University English Language Teaching
Prince of Songkla University Teaching English as an international language
Thammasat University English Language Studies



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