Course MCS2272/MJR2204
Introduction to Web Design

09.01. - 09.02.2017

Bachelor of Arts Mass Communication






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Course Description

To study the design for communication on the Internet, hypertext and multimedia; principles of virtual communication design and technically basic skills necessary for web site creation both theoretically and practically.



Grade Points and Attendance Overview

Slides day 1: Introduction to Course, Web Site Structure, and Hosting

Slides day 2: Designing your own Web Site - Structure and Process

Slides day 3: Giving your Web Site Style

Slides day 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Slides day 5: Analytics, Adsense, and Alexa

Slides day 6: Adobe Software in Web Design

Syllabus for this course


External Certifications

University of California at Davis

Introduction to Web Development

Specialization in Search Engine Optimization
6 courses that also can be taken separately:
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization
(the movies shown in class are from this course)
Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
Optimizing a Website for Search
Advanced Content and Social Tactics to optimize SEO
Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies
Website Optimization Client Report Project

Please note that taking any of the courses is free of charge. You only need to pay if you want to receive a verified certificate after passing the course.



grading table



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