Thai-Nitchi Institute of Technology

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology

Private institute in Bangkok




TNI's founder, Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) or TPA, operates under the philosophy of "disseminating knowledge, building economic bases" reflecting the clear direction and goal in TPA's operation and services throughout over 45 years acting as a bridge for technology dissemination on management and engineering from Japan to Thai personnel. TPA has played a major role in cultivating human resources possessing requisite knowledge and skills contribute to the development of the Kingdom's economy.

The founding committee of Thai-Nitchi Institute of Technology contemplated that the philosophies of TPA and TNI regarding organizational operation must be in accordance with each other in order to proliferate the value of activities and services as well as expand the service role by positioning TNI as an academic institute focused on creating and developing the Kingdom's personnel, a vital resource for creating new knowledge and serving as a channel for disseminating knowledge to society, especially in the industrial sector.

TNI does not offer on-campus accommodation, but their staff will sure be happy to help you finding a good and affordable room close to the campus.







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TNI offers international degree programs conducted in English on Bachelor level.

Web Site: http://inter.tni.ac.th/

Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology
1771/1 Pattanakarn Rd. Suanluang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand
Tel: +66-(02)-763-2601-5
Fax: +66-(02)-763-2606
Email: tniinter@tni.ac.th



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