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Top-20 cheapest Bachelors for Thai Students

The cheapest international undergraduate programs for Thai students




Here is the hit-list of the cheapest international undergraduate programs in Thailand. Finding a program that fits your financial means can be difficult. At least for international Bachelor degree programs, we can offer you this overview and ranking.

All fees mentioned are published by the universities on their Web sites.

Please be aware that the tuition fees mentioned by university do not always tell you what it really costs. Textbooks are expensive, for example, and so are excursions or a semester abroad. Are these cost included? Always ask your university, since only then you can calculate your budget realistically.

The same is valid for university promotions, as seen in previous years. "We give you a laptop computer" or "we give you an i-phone" appeared in advertising. Well, universities never have too much money - what do these promotions want, and how much more do you need to pay than otherwise?



It is the combination of university and program that makes your education a good one. As it is in any country, there is no 'perfect' university in Thailand, and there is no 'perfect' degree program. There's a best one for you, but you need to be clear about what you actually want.

When ever you have a chance, visit the university of your interest and get a personal impression of who studies there. Is that the kind of people you want to be with, and is that the kind of people that help you develop to your fullest potential!

If you can answer both questions with 'yes', you find the right program-university combination for yourself.

Important notes:
The fees shown are for Thai students.

All fees shown are for degree program students. Some universities offer lower fees for audition or non-degree students who come only for one semester.

Finally, according to the universities' Web sites, prices are subject to change without further notice. So please counter-check with your university.





The cheapest 4-year international Bachelor programs for Thai students (as of May 2018)
University Subject Price
Siam Technology College
B.A. TESOL 141.000
Mae Fah Luang University B.A. English 208.000
Mae Fah Luang University Food Science and Technology, Postharvest Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Innovation, Information and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology 234.000
Ramkhamhaeng University B.A. English (day program and evening program) 240.000
Mae Fah Luang University Thai Language and Culture for Foreigner 240.000
Dhonburi Rajabhat University Business English 258.000
Mae Fah Luang University Multimedia Technology and Animation, Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management 260.000
Suratthani Rajabhat University Global Management of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (priced in USD) 262.038
Dhonburi Rajabhat University Hospitality and Tourism Industry 296.000
Mae Fah Luang University Beauty Technology, Cosmetic Science 291.200


* Please note:

The fees shown are taken from the respective university's Web site. Always check with the university whether they cover indeed all cost, and whether they are still valid. We cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the information provided.


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