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Top-20 cheapest Master Programs for non-Thai Students

The cheapest international graduate programs in Thailand




Here is the hit-list of the cheapest international graduate programs in Thailand. Finding a program that fits your financial means can be difficult. At least for international Bachelor degree programs, we can offer you this overview and ranking.

When meeting graduate (Master degree) students in international programs at Thai universities in class, you might be surprised how different they are from undergraduate students.

All fees mentioned are published by the universities on their Web sites.

The level of motivation and engagement is clearly higher. This may not come as a surprise since most graduate students have to pay for their studies themselves. They want value for money and  make the best out of their investment.

This is even more surprising as a Master degree today in Thailand is a 'must have'. Even bookshops are reported for years to ask for a Master's when hiring sales personnel.

Especially  when you have to spend your own money on your education, price becomes an issue.

We made this price check to make the differences in cost across all universities a bit more transparent. There are certainly many more reasons to choose a particular Master degree program than only the tuition fees, but transparency in that respect may help as well.

It is the combination of university and program that makes your education a good one. There is no perfect university in Thailand, and there is no perfect degree program, as it is in any country.

When ever you have a chance, visit the university of your interest and get a personal impression of who studies there. Is that the kind of people you want to be with, and is that the kind of people that help you develop to your fullest potential!

If you can answer both questions with 'yes', you find the right program-university combination for yourself.

Important notes:

Please check the study days. Some programs are full-time, some weekend, and some are combined evening and weekend programs.

The fees shown are for foreign (non-Thai) students. Some universities offer discounts for national students, so if you are Thai please ask.

Some universities show their fees in U.S. Dollar or Euro. To allow for comparison, we calculated the fees in Thai Baht, as of October 2017 exchange rates. If different rates were published for different nationalities, we chose Germany for a comparison value.

All fees shown are for degree program students. Some universities offer lower fees for audition or non-degree students who come only for one semester.

Finally, according to the universities' Web sites, prices are subject to change without further notice. Please don't forget to counter-check with your university.





Cost of complete international Master degree programs in Thailand (as of October 2017)
University Subject Price
Mae Fah Luang University M.Sc. Information Technology 100.000 3.006 2.560
Bangkok School of Management M.A. in Education 150.000 4.509 3.840
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Computer Engineering 154.000 4.629 3.942
Framingham University (USA) at Wells International School Bangkok M.Ed. International Education (priced in USD) 171.186 5.150 4.360
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang M.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 180.000 5.411 4.608
Mae Fah Luang University M.Sc. Food Science and Technology, Postharvest Technology and Innovation, Applied Chemistry, Biological Science, Computational Science, Material Innovation 182.000 5.471 4.659
Bangkok University Master of Communication Arts in Global Communication 185.030 5.562 4.736
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Electrical and Information Technology Engineering 195.000 5.862 4.492
St. Theresa International College M.Ed. Educational Administration 200.000 6.012 5.120
Mae Fah Luang University M.Eng. Computer Engineering 208.000 6.254 5.329
Bangkok University M.B.A. 208.530 6.270 5.343
A.M.B.A. (Accelerated M.B.A.) 229.000
6.916 5.747
St. Theresa International College M.B.A. 240.000 7.216 6.149
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang M.Eng. Computational Intelligence Systems, Automotive Engineering 240.000 7.216 6.149
Mae Fah Luang University M.B.A. 240.000 7.216 6.149


* Please note:

The fees shown are taken from the respective university's Web site. Always check with the university whether they cover indeed all cost, and whether they are still valid. We cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the information provided.




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