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The cheapest Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates in Thailand




Most students study on a limited budget. Well, as we all know, more expensive does not always mean better quality. It is a good idea to learn about those universities in Thailand that offer the cheapest degree programs one can study.

We chose to provide you with a map for your overview. The universities offering the cheapest Bachelor degree programs are shown with a red pin, those offering the cheapest Master degree programs with a green pin, and those offering the cheapest Doctorate programs with a yellow pin.

Following the link under the university name will lead you to our price check, where you can compare that price to the prices of other degree programs on the same academic level.

Usually, the price of a program is not the only aspect to make a good decision. Whenever you can, go and visit that university and meet with students from the program of your interest. Are these the people you would like to study with? If yes, you found your program. If not, look again.

Below the map, you find a table showing the price range of degree programs for international students in Thailand for your overview.



cheapest universities in thailand bachelor degreesTop-20 cheapest Bachelor degree programs
cheapest universities in thailand master degreesTop-20 cheapest Master degree programs
cheapest universities in thailand doctorate degreesTop-10 cheapest Doctorate degee programs




Cost of Study in Thailand (as of October 2017)
Degree Level Thai Baht USD Euro More information
Bachelor Degree Programs      
Starts at 208.000 6.250 5.290 Price Check for non-Thai Students
Price Check for Thai students
Up to 3.264.700 98.127 83.563
Master Degree Programs      
Starts at 100.000 3.005 2.543 Price Check for non-Thai Students
Price Check for Thai students
Up to 2.170.000 65.260 55.456
Doctorate Degree Programs      
Starts at 234.000 7.029 5.950 Price Check for non-Thai Students
Price Check for Thai students
Up to 1.484.000 44.618 37.890


This is just an overview. The universities that don't publish their tuition fees online may be way more expensive.

Always counter-check: Prices are subject to change without notice. Only what the university gives you in writing should be relevant to your decision making.




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