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In Thailand, higher education institutions usually apply the U.S. American grading system.

American universities employ a system of continual assessment and assign grades for each course taken. Almost everything you do for a class will influence your final grade. Examinations and tests, essays or written assignments, laboratory reports, laboratory or studio work, class attendance, and class participation may all be used to determine your final grade. This means it is essential to keep up with the reading and course work and to attend classes on a regular basis.


Grading scales

The following grading scales, as an example, are used at the Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU), Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok. Grading scales are very similar across all international programs at Thai universities. If slight differences really make a difference to you, please ask the program you you would like to study.

Grading scale for undergraduate courses (as of October 2017)
Percentage Grade GPA Value Comment
88 - 100 A 4.0 Excellent
84 - 87 B+ 3.5 Very good
76 - 83 B 3.0 Good
71 - 74 C+ 2.5 Above average
62 - 70 C 2.0 Average
58 - 61 D+ 1.5 Below average
51 - 57 D 1.0 Poor
0 - 50 F 0.0 Fail



Grading table for graduate courses (as of October 2017)
Percentage Grade GPA Value Comment
95 - 100 A 4.0 Excellent
88 - 94 A- 3.67 Almost excellent
84 - 87 B+ 3.33 Very good
80 - 83 B 3.0 Good
75 - 79 B- 2.67 Fairly good
71 - 74 C+ 2.33 Almost good
62 - 70 C 2.0 Fair
58 - 61 C- 1.67 Almost fair
50 - 57 D 1.0 Poor
0 - 49 F 0.0 Fail


GPA - How to calculate the Grade Point Average

Each student completes his or her degree with a grade point average (GPA). A cumulative grade point average is the GPA for all courses taken throughout the degree program. To work out your GPA, take the numerical value assigned to the letter grade you achieve for each course (typically 4 points for an "A," 3 points for a "B," and so on), then multiply this number by the number of credits each course is worth. Finally, add these numbers together and divide by the total number of credits for all courses. For example:

How to calculate your Grade Point Average
Letter Grade Numerical Value Number of Credits Total Value
A 4 3 12
B 3 3 9
C 2 3 6
27 divided by 9 = GPA 3.0



And how often can I try an exam?

At the Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU), Ramkhamhaeng University, a grade 'F' is final. There is no re-grading or re-examination offered; the student who received the failing grade has to take the respective course again.

We don't have information about the regulations at other universities, so please ask them directly.


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