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Below, you find the list of undergraduate programs in business fields offered by Thai universities (conducted in English language) in a variety of fields, such as accounting, management, marketing, international business.

International program campuses are established across the country, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, from Khon Kaen to Phuket, and at many other locations.

To apply for a program, please contact the university directly. Procedures and requirements differ slightly and are subject to change. We can provide you with a certified translation of your transcripts in English or Thai. Both languages are accepted at Thai universities, but we recommend translation into English - you can later use the certified copy for other purposes outside Thailand.

On the university pages, you find direct links to the programs.





International Business Degree Programs at Thai universities (as of October 2017)
University Field of Bachelor degree
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Asia-Pacific International U. BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Management and Entrepreneurship, Computer Information Systems
Assumption University BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Management, Finance and Banking, Accounting, Business Information Systems, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business Management, Real Estate, Industrial Management, Property and Casual Insurance, Life Assurance
BSc Bachelor of Science in Business Data Analysis, Technology Management
Bangkok School of Management BSc (Honors) in Business & Management (Awarding Body: Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K.)
Bangkok University
Burapha University BA Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Development
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Management, Tourism and Hotel, Management Information Systems, Logistics Management
Christian University of Thailand BA Bachelor of Arts in English, Hotel and Tourism Management
Chulalongkorn University BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, International Business Management
Dhurakij Pundit University B.B.A. Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Business
Dusit Thani College BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel and Resort Management, Kitchen and Restaurant Management
Hat Yai University BA Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management
Kasem Bundit University Management,
Business Computer,
Aviation Industry Management,
Hotel Management
Khon Kaen University BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Global Business, International Marketing
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Mae Fah Luang University BAcc Bachelor of Accounting
BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Administration, Tourism Management, Hospitality Industry Management, Aviation Business Management
BSc Bachelor of Science in Technology Management of Agricultural Products and Packaging, Management of Information Technology
Mahidol University BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Economics, Finance, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management
Naresuan University International College BBA Tourism Business Management
BBA Human Resource Management
BBA International Business Management
PIM Panyapiwat Institute of Management BBA in International Modern Trade Management
Payap University BA Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management, International Hospitality Management
Prince of Songkla University BBA in Hospitality Management, Tourism Management
Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep BA Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems, Marketing, International Business Management, Accounting, Tourism and Hospitality
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Computer Information Systems, International Business Administration
Rangsit University BA Bachelor of Arts in International Business, Information and Communication Technology
Shinawatra University BBA Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, International Business, Business Informatics
Siam University BBA in Hotel and Tourism Management
International Business
Silpakorn University BBA in Event and Leisure Management
BBA in Luxury Brand Management
Sripatum University Accountancy
Airline business
International business management
International hospitality management
Logistics and supply management
St. Theresa INTI Airline business
International business
Logistics management
Stamford International University Business intelligence
International business management
International hotel management
Airline business management
Event management
Finance and banking
Logistics and supply chain management
Advertising and public relations
Suan Sunanda Rajabhat University International College Airline Business
Hotel and Hospitality Management
Tourism Management
International Business
Suratthani Rajabhat University Global Management of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Thammasat University Business administration
Global studies and social entrepreneurship
Thongsook College Business Administration
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Accountancy
Business administration
Vongchavalitkul University BBA in International Business
Webster University Business and management
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Please note: Many future students search the Web for the best or top Bachelor degree program. What ever program-university combination you choose, however, you should not rely on traditional patterns of getting a job, nor should it be based on what previous generations say about a particular university. The highest goal of any student is employability - the good chance to get a good entry-level job in the chosen field. Check your programs and universities for these chances before you make a choice.

The most popular fields of study among foreign Bachelors degree students are business administration, marketing, business English, general management and international business management. Various models pave the way to your continuing education. The most popular Bachelor degree program is the Bachelor of Business Administration program with majors in management, international business, and marketing. A wide variety of majors is offered.

Universities adjust their programs on a permanent basis to changing demands and new developments. Therefore, the list below changes accordingly to remain as accurate as possible. Visiting it again after a while keeps you up to date.

Wikipedia: Undergraduate education is an education level taken prior to gaining a first degree (except for an associates degree). Hence, in many subjects in many educational systems, undergraduate education is post-secondary education up to the level of a bachelor's degree, such as in the United States, where a university entry level is known as undergraduate while students of higher degrees are known as graduates. In some other educational systems and subjects, undergraduate education is post-secondary education up to the level of a master's degree, for example in some science and engineering courses in Britain and some medicine courses in Europe.

A bachelor's degree is usually an academic degree awarded for an undergraduate course or major that generally lasts for four years, but can range from two to six years depending on the region of the world. It may also be the name of a "postgraduate" degree, such as a Bachelor of Civil Law, the Bachelor of Music, or the Bachelor of Philosophy. Under the new British system, and those influenced by it, such as the Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, Irish, Indian, Jordanian, Malaysian, Maltese, Nigerian, Sri Lankan, and Singaporean systems, undergraduate degrees are differentiated either as pass degrees (also known in some areas as ordinary degrees) or as Honors Degrees, the latter sometimes denoted by the appearance of "(Hons)" after the degree abbreviation. An honors degree generally requires a higher academic standard than a pass degree, and in Maltese, Singaporean, Australian, Pakistani, New Zealand, Scottish, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, South African and some Canadian universities an extra year of study. Previously in the UK Polytechnics, an honors degree took one more year of study than an ordinary degree. This still applies in Scotland, but in England most first degrees not leading to professions such as law, medicine, dentistry etc. are now assumed to be honors degrees, although ordinary degrees are still offered by some institutions.

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a bachelor's degree in business administration. In most universities, the degree is conferred upon a student after four years of full-time study (120 credit hours) in one or more areas of business concentrations. The BBA program usually includes general business courses and advanced courses for specific concentrations. Alternative degree titles include Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), and Bachelor in Management Studies (BMS).

The degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a company, and their interconnection, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. BBA programs thus expose students to a variety of "core subjects", and allow students to specialize in a specific academic area. The degree also develops the student's practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. Many programs thus incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case studies, projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry.

The core topics usually comprise: accounting, business law and ethics, economics, finance, management information systems, marketing, operations management, organizational behavior, quantitative techniques (business statistics, financial mathematics, operations research) and strategic management.

A business school is a university-level institution that confers degrees in Business Administration. It teaches topics such as accounting, administration, economics, finance, information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, public relations, strategy, human resource management, and quantitative methods. They include schools of business, business administration, and management.

For the details of admission requirements and procedures, please contact the university or college directly. Processes, procedures and requirements differ between universities.



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