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English programs cover a wide range of academic fields, such as accounting, architecture, arts, biotechnology, business administration (marketing, finance & banking, general management, hotel & tourism, international business, and more majors), applied chemistry, economics, education, engineering (as well as nano, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing engineering), information technology, law, mass communications and journalism, medicine, music, nursing science, risk management, science and technology, and many more. If you already have an idea where you would like to study (Bangkok or upcountry), you may want to have a look on the campus locations map as well.

Degree names are not standardized, however. In order to differentiate from mainstream programs, such as B.B.A. Bachelor of Business Administration, universities often develop own approaches, such as Bachelor of Arts in Marketing or Bachelor of Science in Management. Searching for a degree term, therefore, will result in only those pages about exactly this degree term. Better results you may get when you search for courses that should be offered in the program of your choice, such as 'Public Relations'. This is even more important when you want to study a semester abroad in Thailand since not every course is offered in every semester.

In principle, you can search in any language. Some universities even offer information in Korean, Japanese, or German. These foreign language pages, however, don't cover the whole range of information, rather they are intended to be a friendly welcome message in a foreign language. For a program conducted in English using English search words will bring you the best results.

To apply to a program, please contact the university directly. Procedures and requirements differ slightly and are subject to change. Our partner can provide you with a certified translation of your transcripts in English or Thai. Both languages are accepted at Thai universities, but we recommend translation into English - you can later use the certified copy for other purposes outside Thailand.

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