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There is currently only one university in Thailand offering international degree programs (English programs) via distance learning, online learning, or e-learning. These programs aim to serve those who cannot attend lectures for what reason ever.

If you consider studying via distance learning or over the Internet, you should be aware that such online degrees are not taken seriously by international employers, if you don't have a good reason for choosing this way of studies. Such a good reason is, for example, a statement of your current employer to confirm that you literally have no chance to attend lectures on a regular basis.

Distance learning at online universities was long viewed in Thailand as a cure for the problems in the education system. Still in 2002, leading politicians believed that video streaming of lectures conducted by good lecturers can make students anywhere in the country learning better. Such errand believes were mainly the outcome of heavy marketing activities of companies that had e-learning solutions on stock, which nobody in the western countries wanted to buy.

In the meantime, understanding has grown that e-learning is not the same as e-teaching, and that students don't learn any better when teaching is automated. Still, these misunderstandings are in the world, but now occur more on the students' side while universities offer ever more professional academic programs.

Please be aware that any form of distance learning lacks the social and communicative effects supporting accidental learning in a group. Even heavy use of Internet-based communication channels cannot cure this disadvantage. Distance learners need high levels of discipline and have to maintain self-driven learning over a longer period of time.



The fact that there is no online undergraduate or Bachelor program offered may well have good reasons. Bachelor degree programs have the job to provide you with a broad foundation. You can specialize on your preferred field later on when studying for a Master degree.

In this role to build a foundation, however, peers are of utmost importance. We all know that it’s not the teachers you learn the most from – it’s your peers in the classroom. In an online program, interaction with peers is extremely limited, and you lose most of the valuable ‘on the fly’ input that makes learning so deep – and understanding so great in your education.

So, if you look for an online Bachelor degree program, and you don’t have yet over 20 years work experience (i.e., life experience as an adult), you better forget that idea and think anew.



Online degree programs at Thai universities (as of October 2017)
University Degree / Field of Study
Assumption University,
Graduate School of e-Learning
MSc in Management (MSMGT)
MSc in Information Technology Management (MSITM)
MEd in Teaching and Technology (MEDTT)
39 credits - excluding teaching practice
45 credits - including teaching practice
PhD in e-Learning Methodology (PhDeLM)
PhD in Teaching and Technology (PhDTT)
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