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Going to study abroad needs some serious thoughts and a good preparation. The articles on this page offer you important background information, such as about international programs, Bachelors/Masters/Doctorate degree courses, cost of living, how to find a room, and certainly about Thai culture and customs. Enjoy!


Here's all you need to know around studying at an international university or college in Thailand:


Why study in Thailand?

Why study in Thailand?

Great benefits for for open-minded students

Read this first - background information

Some Infos you should read first

Some background information for the big picture.

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News and Events

All the news we get from Thai universities.

scholarships for thailand

Scholarships for Thailand

One might be available for you, too.

universities overview

All Universities on one Page

Here are all international universities on one page.

map of universities icon

Where to study? The Map

Here you can choose your program by location.

bachelor degree programs

Bachelor Degree Programs

In English for international students.

bachelor degree programs

Bachelors in Business

Bachelor of Business Administration programs.

evening bachelor degree programs

Evening Bachelor Programs

Study Bachelor on weekday evenings.

master degree programs

Master Degree Programs

Fully in English, of course.

one-year master degree programs

One-year Master Programs

Fast-track Master Degree programs.

doctoral degree programs

Doctorate Programs

PhD and other doctorate programs in English.

m.b.a. degree programs


Many specializations offered, all in English.



Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.



International entrepreneurship education in English.

hospitality and tourism degree programs

Hospitality and Tourism

A good idea to study in this most hospitable culture.

british flag


All degree programs in the English language.

mass media

Media, Graphics, and Communication

From radio over TV to digital communication.

Thai Studies

Thai Studies

Language, Culture, Arts, History, Politics, Society.

bilingual programs

For Thai Students: Bilingual Programs

Bilingual Thai/English degree programs.

e-learning icon

Online Programs

No campus nearby? No problem. Study on the Internet.

bachelor degree programs

The Cheaptest International Universites

Choose by location from the map.

cost of study

Cost of Study for non-Thai Students

Based on price information published by universities.

cost of study for thai students

Cost of Study for Thai Students

Based on price information published by universities.

cost of living

Cost of Living in Thailand

It depends on your lifestyle, of course, but here are some rules of thumb.

find a student room in Bangkok

How to find a Student Apartment

It is so much easier than in many other countries.

tips for mature students

Are you a mature Student?

Don't worry, you are very welcome.

tips for exchange students

Tips for Exchange Students

Exchange students and free-movers are always welcome!

work and study in thailand

Work and study in Thailand?

Tips for those who want to finance of their studies through working.

on-campus accommodation

Dormitories on Campus

Want to sleep close to the classroom?

shocked student

Freshman Shock?

At school, you were the best one. And now ... ?

tips for exchange students

What's the right University for you?

It all depends upon what you really want.

culture shock

Culture Shock?

The symptoms of a culture shock, and how to deal with it.

GI Bill

U.S. veterans/GI Bill

Ex-GIs can study on their benefits at several Thai universities.

German flag icon

For German Students

Auf 'gut Deutsch'.

photo of two monks

Everyday Social Graces in Thailand

The everyday dos and don'ts in Thailand.

psychology of the Thais

Psychology of the Thai People

The values and behavioral patterns that guide the Thais.

Thai social etiquette

The official Thai Social Etiquette

Good (and bad) manners from the Thai Ministry of Culture.

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GPA, Grades, and Scales

How will you be graded when studying in Thailand?

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How to get a Student Visa?

The bureaucratic process is no problem once you know the steps.

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Experience Reviews and Reports

Three western students tell about their studies in Thailand.

student in a sun chair

Stickman's Thai travel Guide

A no-nonsense travel guide for international students.

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Stickman's Working with Thais

Working in a Thai organizations poses some challenges to foreigners.

Thai national symbol

Accreditation of Thai Universities

The Thai Ministry of Education accredits universities and colleges.

frequently asked questions

Frequently asked Questions

The questions we are asked most often.

university ranking icon

Thai University Ranking

Webometrics - and the (non-) sense of rankings.

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Customized Search

Searches only in international program pages.

teaching opportunities

Lecturer Positions

Jobs at international programs at Thai universities.

world of flags

Certified Translations

If you need a fast translation, certified by a lawyer.

The best international schools in Thailand

Looking for an International School?

All international schools in Thailand by location and category.

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Course Pages for IIS-RU Students

Course materials, relevant links, and final grades.

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Author of this site: Ulrich Werner

The studyinthailand.org project.





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