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Thai Studies

Language, Society, Arts, Culture, History, and Politics of Thailand




As a branch of Asian Studies, Thai Studies is used by research universities around the world to bring together specialists from different disciplines, such as religious studies, political science, history, anthropology, Thai language, musicology, and Thai literature, who do research in Thailand.

Thai Studies sometimes includes research on ethnic groups living outside Thailand, as well as on ethnic groups who have long inhabited the area of modern-day Thailand.

Be careful if you want to study for a Degree in Thai language since it usually will need very good Thai language skills before you start it.

A degree program is not a language course. You will learn about history, grammar, historical grammar variations and other aspects of linguistics, rather than learn speaking Thai like a Thai.

If speaking Thai is your goal, you better spend a time in Thailand and avoid any contact to foreigners. Within a year or two, if only mingling with Thais, you will have a quite good comprehension of the spoken language.

The written Thai is a different topic, but it's not too difficult to learn since the Thai alphabet provides you with the perfect sound of any letter or word - even if you have no idea what that word actually means.

The degrees below go far beyond just learning to speak or write Thai. If doing indepth is your goal, you will be very welcome!

Could there be any better place for Thai Studies than at an international university in Thailand?

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Thai Studies Programs at Thai universities (as of October 2017)
University Thai Studies Programs - Details
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Chiang Mai University B.A. Thai as a Foreign Language
One-year Certificate Program in Thai as a Foreign Language
4-months Intensive Thai Language Training for Diplomats
Chulalongkorn University B.A. in Language and Culture
M.A. in Thai Studies
Ph.D. in Thai Studies
Kasem Bundit University B.A. Thai for Foreigners
Mae Fah Luang University B.A. Thai Language and Culture
Sripatum University B.A. Thai language
Thammasat University One-year Certificate Program
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