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Prices of Bachelor Programs for non-Thai Students

Tuition fees of all international Bachelor degree programs in Thailand




Finding a program that fits your financial means can be difficult. At least for international Bachelor degree programs, we can offer you this overview and ranking.

All fees mentioned are published by the universities on their Web sites. Those programs that keep the cost a secret are mentioned at the end.

Please be aware that the tuition fees mentioned by university do not always tell you what it really costs. Textbooks are expensive, for example, and so are excursions or a semester abroad. Are these cost included? Always ask your university, since only then you can calculate your budget realistically.

The same is valid for university promotions, as seen in previous years. "We give you a laptop computer" or "we give you an i-phone" appeared in advertising. Well, universities never have too much money - what do these promotions want, and how much more do you need to pay than otherwise?

There is a vast variety of international programs available in Thailand. Do not fall in love with a single program at a single university, or opt for the only reason that a friend of yours goes there as well.

It is the combination of university and program that makes your education a good one. There is no perfect university in Thailand, and there is no perfect degree program, as it is in any country.

When ever you have a chance, visit the university of your interest and get a personal impression of who studies there. Is that the kind of people you want to be with, and is that the kind of people that help you develop to your fullest potential!

If you can answer both questions with 'yes', you find the right program-university combination for yourself.

Important notes:

Some universities show their fees in U.S. Dollar or Euro. To allow for comparison, we calculated the fees in Thai Baht, as of October 2017 exchange rates. If different rates were published for different nationalities, we chose Germany for a comparison value.

All fees shown are for degree program students. Some universities offer lower fees for audition or non-degree students who come only for one semester.

Finally, according to the universities' Web sites, prices are subject to change without further notice. So please counter-check with your university.





Cost of 4-year international Bachelor programs in Thailand for non-Thai students (as of October 2017)
University Subject Price
Mae Fah Luang University B.A. English 208.000 6.252 5.324
Mae Fah Luang University Food Science and Technology, Postharvest Technology, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Innovation, Information and Communication Engineering, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology 234.000 7.034 5.990
Ramkhamhaeng University Mass Communication (multimedia journalism, radio and TV broadcasting)
B.A. English (day program and evening program)
240.000 7.214 6.143
Mae Fah Luang University Thai Language and Culture for Foreigner 240.000 7.214 6.143
Mae Fah Luang University Multimedia Technology and Animation, Economics, Logistics and Supply Chain Management 260.000 7.815 6.655
Suratthani Rajabhat University Global Management of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (priced in USD) 262.038 7.890 6.674
Dhonburi Rajabhat University Business English 288.000 8.657 7.372
Mae Fah Luang University Beauty Technology, Cosmetic Science 291.200 8.753 7.454
Hat Yai University International business management, Business Chinese, Tourism Industry 296.800 8.921 7.597
Mae Fah Luang University Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Materials Engineering, International Development 312.000 9.649 8.217
Chiang Mai University Software Engineering, Social Science 320.000 9.653 8.139
Dhonburi Rajabhat University Business English Industry 331.000 9.984 8.417
International Buddhist College Buddhist Studies 334.650 10.094 8.511
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Computer Science 340.800 10.244 8.724
Mae Fah Luang University Chinese Studies 343.200 10.316 8.785
Siam University International business 359.150 10.796 9.193
Mae Fah Luang University Aviation Business Management 374.400 11.254 9.584
Bangkok University Business English 377.994 11.362 9.676
Dhurakij Pundit University Business administration, English for business communication 380.000 11.422 9.727
Bangkok University Communication Arts 382.420 11.495 9.789
Hat Yai University Bachelor of Education in English (5 years) 386.000 11.603 9.880
Siam University Hotel and Tourism 392.900 11.810 10.057
Bangkok University Marketing, Entrepreneurship 400.158 12.028 10.243
Sripatum University International business management 416.425 12.517 10.659
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Civil Engineering 428.000 12.865 10.956
Sripatum University Accountancy, International hospitality management 439.560 13.212 11.251
Sripatum University B.B.A. Business Chinese 444.688 13.367 11.383
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Automation Engineering, Electrical Communiction and Electronic Engineering, Environmental Engineering 448.000 13.466 11.467
Naresuan University Tourism Business Management, Human Resource Management, International Business Management 453.600 13.634 11.611
Sripatum University Airline business 466.200 14.013 11.933
Assumption University Business English 471.600 14.175 12.071
Rangsit University Accountancy 475.600 14.296 12.174
Khon Kaen University Communication arts, Global business, International affairs, International marketing, Tourism management 480.000 14.428 12.286
Bangkok University Hotel and Restaurant Management 481.594 14.476 12.327
Bangkok University International Tourism Management 482.029 14.489 12.338
Assumption University Business French 489.750 14.721 12.536
Burapha University Communication skills for HRD, global business communication, logistics management, management, management information systems, marketing, tourism management 490.000 14.728 12.542
Assumption University Business Administration 491.800 14.783 12.589
Chulalongkorn University Agricultural Resources Administration, Arts, Commerce and Accountancy, Cultural Management, Economics, Education, Energy Technology and Management, English as an International Language, Environment Development and Sustainability, European Studies, Fashion Business, Fine and Applied Arts, Human and Social development, Korean Studies, Law, Logistics Management, Maritime Administration, Political Science, Population Studies, Russian Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, Technopreneurship and Innovation Management 492.000 14.789 12.594
Assumption University Law 495.950 14.907 12.695
Assumption University Business Economics 499.150 15.004 12.777
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Business administration, Accountancy, Business English 500.850 15.055 12.820
Assumption University Business Japanese 507.000 15.239 12.978
Assumption University Advertising 507.500 15.254 12.990
St. Theresa INTI College English for business communication, International business, Logistics management 508.900 15.297 13.026
St. Theresa INTI College Airline business 514.300 15.459 13.164
Assumption University Agro Industry 514.750 15.472 13.176
Assumption University Information Technology 519.150 15.605 13.289
Assumption University Business Chinese 519.600 15.618 13.230
Chiang Mai University Nursing Science 520.000 15.630 13.310
Rangsit University International Business, Communication Arts, International Political Economy and Development 520.000 15.630 13.310
Assumption University Visual Communication Design 520.000 15.630 13.310
Rangsit University International Business, Communication Arts, International Political Economy and Development 520.000 15.630 13.310
Assumption University Public Relations 520.450 15.645 13.322
Assumption University Computer Science 521.000 15.660 13.336
Assumption University Performance Communication 522.100 15.693 13.364
Assumption University Food Technology 522.850 15.716 13.388
Chulalongkorn University Allied Health Sciences, Architecture, Biomedical Sciences, Communication Arts, Dental Biomaterials Science, Dentistry, Engineering, Environment Science and Physiology, Environmental Management, Human Sexuality, Medical Microbiology, Medicine, Nanoscience and Technology, Nursing, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacology, Psychology, Public Health, Research for Health Development, Science, Sports Science, Veterinary Science 524.000 15.750 13.413
Bangkok University Computer Graphics and Multimedia 538.270 16.179 13.778
Rangsit University International Hospitality and Tourism 545.600 16.400 13.966
Assumption University Computer and Network Engineering 549.800 16.526 14.073
Assumption University Telecommunication and Electronics Engineering 550.050 16.524 14.079
Assumption University Electrical and Electronic Engineering 550.750 16.554 14.097
Rangsit University Information and Communication Technology 553.000 16.622 14.155
Assumption University Mechatronics Engineering 555.500 16.697 14.219
Chiang Mai University Engineering 560.000 16.832 14.334
Kasem Bundit University Communication engineering, Electrical-mechanical manufacturing, Mechanical engineering, Software and knowledge engineering, Environmental engineering, Industrial engineering 565.000 16.983 14.462
Assumption University New Media Production 568.800 17.097 14.559
Rangsit University Civil Engineering 569.500 17.118 14.577
Assumption University Computer Generated Imagery 576.400 17.325 14.754
Assumption University Product Design 580.750 17.456 14.865
Payap University International Business Management 581.000 17.464 14.872
Panyapiwat Institute of Management Management International Modern Trade Management 585.000 17.584 14.974
Payap University English communication 589.000 17.704 15.076
Stamford International University Business administration, Communication arts, Information Technology, Entrepreneurship 590.000 17.734 15.101
St. Theresa INTI College Tourism and hotel 590.900 17.761 15.125
Assumption University Music Performance 595.600 17.903 15.245
Assumption University Interior Design 600.550 18.051 15.372
St. Theresa INTI College Education in English, Mathematics, Science 615.800 18.510 15.762
Asia-Pacific International University Accounting, Applied Theology, Biology, Computer Information Systems, Management, English for Business, English for Communication, Health Science, Primary Education, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) 618.740 18.598 15.838
Assumption University Music Business 624.550 18.773 15.986
Stamford International University International hotel management, Creative media design, Information technology 625.000 18.786 15.998
Payap University Hospitality industry management 629.000 18.906 16.100
Assumption University Nursing 643.500 19.342 16.471
Payap University Information technology 653.000 19.628 16.715
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Industrial Design, Communication Design 656.000 19.718 16.791
Assumption University Architecture 708.450 21.294 18.134
Silpakorn University Event management, Luxury brand management 772.700 23.226 19.778
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Architecture, Interior Architecture 820.000 24.647 20.989
Mahidol University Social science 834.400 25.080 21.538
Mahidol University Intercultural Studies and Languages 842.700 25.330 21.570
Burapha University Communication Arts and Design 850.000 25.549 21.757
Mahidol University Business economics, Finance, International Business, Marketing 860.400 25.862 22.023
Mahidol University Tourism and Hospitality Management 873.600 26.258 22.361
Mahidol University Applied Mathematics, Biological Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Food Science and Technology, Physics, Computer Engineering 950.300 28.564 24.324
Mahidol University Media and Communication (20 Studio credits) 970.000 29.156 24.828
St. Theresa INTI College Air traffic control 992,000 29.817 25.392
Bangkok School of Management Business and Management 1.004.000 30.058 25.596
Mahidol University Media and Communication (36 Studio credits) 1.078.800 32.426 27.613
Dusit Thani College Culinary arts & restaurant management 1.080.000 32.462 27.644
Mahidol University Communication Design 1.190.000 35.768 30.460
Dusit Thani College Hotel and resort management 1.200.000 36.069 30.715
Assumption University Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 1.329.250 39.954 34.024
Silpakorn University Digital Communication Design 1.475.150 44.277 37.518
Mahidol University Animation production, Film production, Television production 1.508.400 45.339 38.608
Webster University Business and management, Computer science, International relations, Media communications, Psychology 1.584.000 47.611 40.544
Assumption University Commercial Pilot 3.264.700 98.127 83.563

These universities prefer to keep their fees a secret:

Christian University of Thailand English for communication, nursing, tourism industry no info
Kasem Bundit University Management, Business Computer, Marketing, Aviation Industry Management, Hotel Management, Thai for Foreigners, English for Communication no info
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Engineering and technology management, Software engineering no info
Rajamangala University of Technology Krungtep Business administration (accounting, information systems, international business management, marketing), tourism and hospitality no info
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Business administration (marketing, business computer, business English, international business management) no info
Shinawatra University Business administration, Computer science no info
Suan Sunanda Rajabhat University International College Airline Business, Hotel and Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, International Business no info
Thammasat University Business administration, Economics, British and American Studies, Engineering Engineering (double degree program), Journalism, Chinese studies, Indian studies, Thai studies, Social policy and development, Global studies and social entrepreneurship, Law only in chunks
Thongsook College TESOL, Business Administration no info
Vongchavalitkul University International Business no info


* Please note:

The fees shown are taken from the respective university's Web site. Always check with the university whether they cover indeed all cost, and whether they are still valid. We cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the information provided.




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