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Prices of Doctorate Degree Programs for non-Thai Students

Tuition fees of international post-graduate programs in Thailand




When it comes to the highest level of formal academic education, other aspects may be way more important when choosing the right program. The field of specialization, the supervisor, the research ranking of the university, and the support a students get, for example in publishing partial results of her/his research, and certainly of the final thesis.

Certainly, there are often scholarships available, but in practice they are limited to the best of the best students. Many students, however, developed their interest in doing research only later on, often during the Master studies or in praxis. For them, scholarship support is often not available.

Thus, the choice of program and university often will be a compromise of what one can afford and the own perseverance and motivation to do the research.

Here, a price comparison steps in to help. If you want to do your research, a low-cost program may still be much better than no program at all.

We hope you find what fits you!

Important notes:

Some universities show their fees in U.S. Dollar or Euro. To allow for comparison, we calculated the fees in Thai Baht, as of October 2017 exchange rates. If different rates were published for different nationalities, we chose Germany for a comparison value.

All fees shown are for degree program students. Some universities offer lower fees for audition or non-degree students who come only for one semester.

Finally, according to the universities' Web sites, prices are subject to change without further notice. So please counter-check.






Cost of 3-year international Doctorate degree programs in Thailand for non-Thai students (as of October 2017)
University Subject Price
Mae Fah Luang University Ph.D. Applied Chemistry, Biological Science, Computational Science, Materials Innovation 249.600 7.505 6.395
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering 270.000 8.118 6.918
Mae Fah Luang University Ph.D. Computer Engineering 270.000 8.118 6.918
Mae Fah Luang University Ph.D. Food Science and Technology 273.000 8.209 6.994
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Ph.D. Economics 363.600 10.933 9.315
Bangkok School of Management Doctorate-through-Research (DTR) and/or Doctorate-through-Publication/Portfolio (DTP) (priced in USD) 399.410 12.000 10.222
International Buddhist College Ph.D. Buddhist Studies 500.400 15.046 12.820
Mae Fah Luang University Ph.D. Cosmetic Science 507.000 15.244 12.989
Assumption University Online Program: Ph.D. eLearning Methodology 520.600 15.653 13.338
Mae Fah Luang University Ph.D. Business Administration 540.000 16.236 13.835
Assumption University Online Program: Ph.D. Teaching and Technology 566.100 17.021 14.503
Thaksin University Ph.D. Sustainable Development 600.000 18.040 15.372
Payap University Ph.D. Peacebuilding 675.000 20.295 17.293
Silpakorn University Ph.D. International Business 686.000 20.626 17.575
Dhurakijt Pundit University Ph.D. Business Administration 740.000 22.249 18.958
Thammasat University Ph.D. Business 750.000 22.550 19.215
Bangkok University Ph.D. in Knowledge Management and Innovation Management 802.400 24.126 20.557
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce D.B.A. 860.850 25.883 22.054
Asian Institute of Technology Ph.D. in Business and Innovation Models for a Green Economy, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Business, Climate Change Policy and Corporate Compliance, Social responsibility, Behavioral Change and Social Impact, Innovation in Green Products and Services, Technology needs assessment and transfer, Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) 1.296.000 38.966 33.202
Asian Institute of Technology Ph.D. Computer Science, Information Management, Industrial Manufacturing, Engineering, Mechatronics, Microelectronics, Nanotechnology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Telecommunications, Information and Communication Systems, Construction, Engineering, and Infrastructure Management Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Offshore Technology and Management, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Water Engineering and Management 1.484.000 44.619 38.018
Asian Institute of Technology Ph.D. Agricultural Systems And Engineering, Aquaculture And Aquatic Resources Management, Climate Change And Sustainable Development, Energy, Environmental Engineering and Management, Food Engineering And Bioprocess Technology, Gender And Development Studies, Natural Resources Management, Regional And Rural Development Planning, Urban Environmental Management 1.484.000 44.619 38.018

These universities prefer to keep their fees a secret:

Bangkok University Ph.D. Communication Arts no info
Chulabhorn Research Institute Ph.D.Applied biological sciences: Environmental health, Chemical biology, Environmental toxicology only in chunks
Chulalongkorn University Ph.D. Dental public health, Finance, management, marketing, information technology in business, quantitative finance, Food and nutrition, Public health, public health sciences, Thai studies, Biomedical sciences and biotechnology, Business administration, Civil engineering, Economics, English as international language, Environment, development and sustainability, Environmental management, Finance, management, marketing, Information technology in business Quantitative finance, Food and nutrition, Logistics management, Medical sciences, Nanoscience and technology, Nursing science, Pharmaceutical care, Pharmaceutical technology, Petrochemical technology, Polymer science, Public health, Public health sciences, Social and administrative pharmacy, Thai studies no info
Kasetsart University Ph.D. Industrial Engineering no info
King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok Ph.D. Mechanical engineering, production engineering, information technology, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering no info
Mahidol University Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Anatomy and Structural Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Exercise Physiology, Forensic Science, Materials Science and Engineering, Microbiology, Pathobiology, Pharmacology, Physics, Physiology, Plant Sciences Toxicology only in chunks
Mahachula- longlornraja- vidyalaya University Ph.D. Buddhist Studies no info
National Institute for Development Administration Ph.D. Business Administration, Management, Economics, Computer Science and Information Systems, Applied Statistics, Development Administration no info
Prince of Songkla University Ph.D. Biotechnology, computer science, epidemiology, nursing, social and administrative pharmacy, teaching English as an international language, environmental management technology, earth system science, aquaculture no info
Shinawatra University Ph.D. Management, Information Technology no info
Siam University Ph.D. Information Technology, International Marketing no info
Thai-German Graduate Institute of Engineering Ph.D. Electrical and software systems engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical and process engineering no info


* Please note:

The fees shown are taken from the respective university's Web site. Always check with the university whether they cover indeed all cost, and whether they are still valid. We cannot take any responsibility for the correctness of the information provided.




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