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Please read this before you go to the ranking!

There are several ways to rank a university in the international academic environment. Most focus the academic world, for who the hierarchy is quite important when it comes to getting subsidies or industry contracts. In short - the outcome is in terms of income.

You are a student, and you have nothing to gain from those rankings - unless you are a very senior, post-PhD student who wants to engage with the best researchers in the world (that are usually those who publish the most articles and books, which - in turn - improve the ranking of their university.



A strictly focused researcher - do you think such people are interested in teaching your courses? Probably not.

So, what you need is a ranking of universities that follow very different categories than the traditional rankings like QS or The Times Higher Education Supplement, to name only two.

Webometrics, the ranking below, focuses on how visible a university is on the World Wide Web: How many rich files are offered for download, how many pages with academic quality content are offered to the students, and so on.

Thus, we decided to point you to the Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities since we are sure, results may apply better to you and your future.

However, even this ranking comes with two problems. The first one is that small colleges and institute certainly cannot put the same amount online as very big universities do. The second problem we can explain with Ramkhamhaeng University: As an open university, it has about 400,000 students in Thailand and all over the world. In such a huge environment, all available online sources (i.e., there are plenty from the international programs at Ramkhamhaeng) are divided by the total number of students at that university. As a result, Ramkhamhaeng ranks as one of the worst universities in Thailand in Webometrics - and much better in all the other rankings.




What does that mean for you? Rankings are only one element to consider when you make your choice where and what to study.

The best way is still to go there, look at the students, and ask yourself whether that is the kind of people you want to be with for the next few years. If yes, that's your university!

Now it's time to take a look at the ranking. Enjoy!


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