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Hatyai University, the first non-profit private university in southern Thailand,was granted university status by the Ministry of University Affairs (MUA) on 30th May 2003.

On the auspicious occasion of its 10th Anniversary, the University has launched a significant milestone by establishing the Didyasarin International College (DRIC) in 2008.

Didyasarin International College has a long record of involvement with the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education, Hatyai University. The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education was first approved at the meeting of the Hatyai University Council on April 5, 2001. After that, the program was submitted for approval of the Committee of Private Universities of the Ministry of University Affairs on April 11, 2001. The committee approved the Faculty of Liberal Arts in Business English program (regular and special programs) as a four-year program and a two-year continuous program. From the start, the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Education began its mission to produce graduates in the Business English program by enrolling forty-three students in the four-year program in the first semester of the 2001academic year. The Business English program was transferred to Didyasarin International College at the start of the 2008 academic year, and it became known as International Business English (IBE). IBE was the first program opened under Didyasarin International College.

Hatyai University does not offer on-campus accommodation but supports in finding affordable rooms close to the campus.







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Didyasarin International College at Hat Yai University offers international degree programs conducted in English on Bachelor level.

Web Site: http://dric.hu.ac.th

Didyasarin International College Hatyai University 125/502 Polpichai Rd. Hatyai, Songkla, Thailand 90110
Tel. +66 7420-0366,
Fax: + 66 7420-0372
Dean: chaivitya@gmail.com
College Secretary: rongdara@hu.ac.th
CollegeStaff: urupong@hu.ac.th



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