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This privately owned and independent Web site introduces you to international accredited university degree programs at English-speaking universities and colleges in Thailand, and to all aspects of academic and student life.

This Web site is based on contributions from students and lecturers of international programs at international universities and colleges in Thailand.

Our graduates move on to well-known international universities (one of my students did her Masters at King's College, London), or get interesting job offers in their home country after graduating in Thailand. A German graduate applied for a job in 2016 in Germany. He got the choice between Vodafone, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and Accenture. He chose Accenture and is working there now (he just visited me in July 2017). So, what are you waiting for?



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In this friendly and warm Asian country and culture, you will have a great time. All university programs are accredited and globally recognized, from regional universities with a more Thai character to globally competitive programs. You are very welcome to study for a full degree, to come for just one exchange semester abroad, or even a short Summer University in Thailand! Besides your academic progress, the benefits of studying in Thailand are much bigger: You will live and adjust to the cultures of all Asia in a single country.

Thailand is a very kind and hospitable country. Not only western students are welcome in the international programs. To make the study experience really international. it also needs Indian students, Pakistani students, Bangladeshi students, as well as Sri Lankan and Mongolian students to join in with the African, South- and North-American, and European students who already attend, and they will all be equally welcome!




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