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While the most studied areas at Thai universities are social studies and humanities (which include business administration as the no. 1 topic), nobody really knows where these graduates might be needed. What the Thai economy desperately needs to develop are graduates in STEM fields - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. From marketing alone, no economy can exist - and that says a lot about the future options of all these graduates, in any country of the world.

The term STEM appears ever more often in the press, and it is a major point of competitiveness in national job markets. MBA programs were the big money-makers for universities in the past - they don't need more than a room, a lecturer, and a book. No laboratories, no expensive and quickly out-dating equipment, and not difficult to succeed for a student. But we are reaching the time when everybody has an MBA already. So where is the 'unique selling proposition' of the graduate then?

STEM fields have far-reaching implications, far beyond the job market chances of an individual. They determine to which universities tax-payers' money goes, influence national security concerns, and even determine immigration policies in many countries.

If you want a quite sure career path into your future, consider a STEM degree program. You'll be on the safe side.

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International STEM programs at Thai universities (as of October 2017)
University STEM Field of Study - Details
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AIT Asian Institute of Technology B.S.E. in Information and Communication Technology
B.S.E. in Electronics Engineering
B.S.E. in Telecommunications Engineering
B.S.E. in Mechatronics Engineering
B.S.E. in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
B.Sc. in Computer Science/Information Technology
B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering
B.S.E. in Biosystems Engineering
B.S.E. in Environmental Engineering
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Computer Science
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Information Management
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Industrial Manufacturing Engineering
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Mechatronics
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Microelectronics
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Nanotechnology
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Telecommunications
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Information and Communication Systems
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Construction, Engineering, and Infrastructure Management
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Geotechnical and Geoenvironmantal Engineering
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Offshore Technology and Management
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Structural Engineering
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Transportation Engineering
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Water Engineering and Management

Ph.D. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Business
Ph.D. Climate Change Policy and Corporate Compliance
Ph.D. Social responsibility, Behavioral Change and Social Impact
Ph.D. Innovation in Green Products and Services
Ph.D. Technology needs assessment and transfer

M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Agricultural Systems And Engineering
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Aquaculture And Aquatic Resources Management
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Climate Change And Sustainable Development
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Energy
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Environmental Engineering and Management
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Food Engineering And Bioprocess Technology
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Gender And Development Studies
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Natural Resources Management
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Regional And Rural Development Planning
M.Eng./M.Sc./Ph.D. Urban Environmental Management
Assumption University B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Information Technology
B.Sc. Agro-Industry
B.Eng. Aeronautic Engineering
B.Eng. Computer Engineering
B.Eng. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering
B.Eng. Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering
M.Sc. Computer Science
Ph.D. Computer Science
M.Sc. Food Biotechnology
Ph.D. Communication and Computer Network Technology
Ph.D. Information Technology
Ph.D. Food Biotechnology
Chulabhorn Research Institute Grad.Dipl./M.Sc./Ph.D. Applied biological sciences: Environmental health
M.Sc./Ph.D. Chemical biology
Grad.Dipl./M.Sc./Ph.D. Environmental toxicology
Chiang Mai University B.Sc. Integrated Design Emerging Architecture
B.Sc. Software Engineering
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
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Chulalongkorn University B.Eng. Aerospace Engineering
B.Eng. Automotive Design and Manufacturing
B.Eng. Information and Communication Engineering
B.Eng. Nano-Engineering
B.Sc. Applied Chemistry
M.Sc. Polymer Science
M.Sc. Petroleum Technology
M.Sc. Petrochemical Technology
M.Sc. Petroleum Geoscience
M.Sc. Health Development
M.Sc. Medical Sciences
M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Technology
M.Sc. Social and Administrative Pharmacy
M.Sc. Computer Science and Information Technology
M.Eng. Engineering Management
M.Eng. Petroleum Engineering
Ph.D. Agricultural Technology
Ph.D. Petrochemical Technology
Ph.D. Medical Sciences
Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences and Biotechnology
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Technology
Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Care
Ph.D. Social and Administrative Pharmacy
Ph.D. Computer Science and Information Technology
Kasetsart University B.Eng. Electrical Engineering
B.Eng. Electrical-mechanical Manufacturing
B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
B.Eng. Software and Knowledge Engineering
B.Eng. Environmental Engineering
B.Eng. Industrial Engineering
M.Eng. Industrial Engineering
D.Eng. Industrial Engineering
King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang B.Sc. Engineering and Technology Management
B.Eng. Software Engineering
M.Eng. Automotive Engineering
M.Eng. Computational Intelligence Systems
M.Sc. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok M.Sc. Information Technology
M.Sc. Management Information Systems
M.Sc. Production Engineering
M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Simulation and Design
M.Sc. Communication Engineering
M.Sc. Electrical Power and Energy Engineering
M.Sc. Automotive Engineering
M.Sc. Chemical and Process Engineering
M.Sc. Software Systems Engineering
M.Sc. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Ph.D. Production Engineering
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Information Technology
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi B.Arch. Architecture
B.Arch. Interior Design
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering
B.Eng. Civil Engineering
B.Eng. Environmental Engineering
B.Eng. Computer Engineering
B.Eng. Automation Engineering
B.Eng. Electrical Communication and Electronic Engineering
M.Eng. Computer Engineering
M.Eng. Electrical and Information Engineering
Ph.D. Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mae Fah Luang University B.Sc. Food Technology
B.Sc. Technology Management of agricultural OPoduce and Packaging
B.Sc. Cosmetic science
B.Sc. Beauty Technology
B.Eng. Computer Engineering
B.Sc. Information Technology
B.Sc. Multimedia Technology and Animation
B.Eng. Software Engineering
B.Sc. Applied Chemistry
B.Sc. Biosciences
B.Eng. Materials Engineering
Mahidol University B.Eng. Computer Engineering
B.Sc. Biological Sciences
B.Sc. Chemistry
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Environmental Science
B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
B.Sc. Physics
B.P.O. Prosthetics and Orthotics
B.Sc. Mathematics
B.Sc. Applied Mathematics
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics
M.Sc. Anatomy and Structural Biology
M.Sc. Biochemistry
M.Sc. Biotechnology
M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Environmental Biology
M.Sc. Exercise Physiology
M.Sc. Forensic Science
M.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering
M.Sc. Microbiology
M.Sc. Pathobiology
M.Sc. Pharmacology
M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc. Physiology
M.Sc. Plant Sciences
M.Sc. Toxicology
Ph.D. Anatomy and Structural Biology
Ph.D. Biochemistry
Ph.D. Biology
Ph.D. Biotechnology
Ph.D. Chemistry
Ph.D. Exercise Science
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering
Ph.D. Mathematics
Ph.D. Microbiology
Ph.D. Molecular Medicine
Ph.D. Pathobiology
Ph.D. Pharmacology
Ph.D. Physics
Ph.D. Physiology
Ph.D. Polymer Science and Technology
Ph.D. Toxicology
Ph.D. Botany
National Institute of Development Administration M.Sc. Applied Statistics
M.Sc. Computer Science and Information Systems
Ph.D. Computer Science and Information Systems
Ph.D. Applied Statistics
Payap University B.Sc. Information technology
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Prince of Songkla University B.Sc. Digital media
Rangsit University B.Eng. Computer Engineering
B.Eng. Civil Engineering
B.Eng. Electrical Engineering
B.Sc. Information and Communication Technology
B.Sc. Commercial Pilot
Shinawatra University B.Sc. Computer Science
St. Theresa INTI College B.Sc. Air traffic control
Stamford International University B.Sc. Information technology
Thai-German Graduate Institute of Engineering M.Eng. Chemical and Process Engineering
M.Eng. Mechanical Engineering Simulation and Design
M.Eng. Automotive Safety and Assessment Engineering
M.Eng. Communications Engineering
M.Eng. Electrical and Power Engineering
M.Eng. Software Systems Engineering
D.Eng. Electrical and Software Systems Engineering
D.Eng. Mechanical Engineering
D.Eng. Chemical and Process Engineering
Thaksin University Ph.D. Sustainable development
Thammasat University B.Eng./B.Sc. Chemical Engineering
B.Eng./B.Sc. Civil Engineering
B.Eng./B.Sc. Computer Engineering
B.Eng./B.Sc. Electronics and Communication Engineering
B.Eng./B.Sc. Engineering Management
B.Eng./B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
B.Eng./B.Sc. Information Technology
B.Eng./B.Sc. Management Technology
B.Eng./B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Webster University B.Sc. Computer Science
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